afro-latin religions

Part One: Service Observation

Mission and Principles
    For the first field work assignment I visited the KRST Unity Center of Afrakan Spirituality where there mission is to provide a loving and supportive atmosphere for personal and spiritual growth for all people to learn how to apply the KRST Principles to master our lives. KRST Center is based off of the Kemetic Principle of Christ which deals with the transformative power of all that is within each and every person and thing. They also based there spiritual practices off of MAAT seven principles: Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Harmony, Order, Balance, and Reciprocity. They deal much with self sustainability and the notion self empowerment to change for the better at a both individual and community.   
Physical location and atmosphere
    The KRST center is located in South Central on Western and 77th, placing it in the heart of the Black community of what is South Central Los Angeles (renamed South LA). The center in itself is very spacious with chairs so comfortable that you can fall asleep, especially if you did not get good enough rest the prior night, but the colors and textures that are used are Afrakan motifs and designs. On the walls there are poster images of Black leaders such as Malcolm X and Harriet Tubman. Images and posters of Egyptian history, art, and central figures are posted along the entrances. The images really help to remind the congregation about their roots and their Afrakan culture. The atmosphere was very welcoming and members of the congregation were very friendly. They invited me to return and to know that I have a home and a family there. There was a very homey vibe to the center. There was also a feel of paradise since in the midd ...
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