Work Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction

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Work Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction
Shakespeare has rightly said that the world is a stage and we all are just players playing our designated role. The same is true for corporate world also where every employee has been given a role to play in the organisation. How the employee performs is linked to his level of work satisfaction and life satisfaction.

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1 Abstract /Executive Summary 3
2 Methods and Limitations 3
3 Introduction 4
4 Literature Review 6
5 Background (Context of Issue) 6
6 Discussion and Analysis 7
7 Recommendations 13
8 Conclusion 13
9 References 14

Work Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction
Abstract /Executive Summary
Man is a social animal and has various needs to make his life meaningful and complete. Right from his birth till his death he strives for satisfaction in one way or the other. From the age of mid-twenties till the age of 60 to 70 years, a man is normally involved in some kind of productive activity in the economy which in simple term we call “work”. Since, a person spends a major portion of life at workplace, satisfaction at work is one of the most important things he is looking to achieve. Work satisfaction is a subset of life satisfaction and in this research paper we will try to find out whether both are mutually exclusive events or are they related events.

Methods and Limitations
The method used to find out whether work satisfaction and life satisfaction are mutually exclusive events or related events is based on the review of the various works done by great researchers in the field of Organisational Behavi ...
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