Umzumbe Corporation

Umzumbe Corporation
a) How “Umzumbe Corporation” could have been approached at strategic level?

At the strategic level Damane, Malala, Maritz & Singh EXECPM (Pty) should make Umzumbe Corporation realise the importance of formal project management. The top management of Umzumbe Corporation should be approached with a formal presentation regarding the advantages of having a project management. Various case studies and real life examples should be presented before the management so that they are made aware of how various companies have benefitted by implementation of formal project management.

A pilot project should be carried out in concurrence with the management to test the feasibility of the implementation of formal project management. It should be carried out on a small scale in a controlled environment where there is scope for correction in case anything goes wrong. After implementation and running the pilot project for few weeks, the outcome should be analysed to see whether it has resulted in improvement of operational and financial performance or not.

The co-ordination between various departments should also be analysed in real time to find out the processes and activities which delays the entire process / project. Such bottlenecks should be found out and suitable path needs to be charted out to clear those bottlenecks.

The management of Umzumbe Corporation should also be made to realise the strategic importance of human resources management. Employees are the most valuable assets for any organisation and they should be carefully managed, nurtured and controlled. The performance management system should be made more transparent and equitable. It should be made sure that outside talent should be hired only if that particula ...
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