Porter's Five Forces about car industry

Automobile is one of the most convenient transportation tools in our modern society today. Globalization enables foreign auto dealers to enter American market easily and also creates competition. In America, there are three major automobile manufacturers. They are General Motors, Ford, and Daimler Chrysler. However, the biggest competitions are the foreign auto manufacturers, Toyota and Honda.

1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers: LOW

Suppliers have a little power in an automobile industry. That’s because numerous suppliers rely on some particular auto manufacturers to buy their products. Each manufacturer has many suppliers. For example, Toyota has more than 10 different suppliers in US. The main qualifications of the suppliers are the quality, cost, and delivery of the products. If suppliers can’t meet those basic considerations, it is hard for them to survive.

2. Bargaining Power of Customers: HIGH
There are various brands and models of the cars to choose from nowadays. The factors that affect consumer to make a buying decision are: the appearance, quality, price, and environmental effect. People always want a new and nice looking car. For those rich people who love cars, they always purchase the new released and attractive model. Besides that, the quality of the car is an important issue. The car has to efficient, which means saving gas, protecting our safety, and running fast. In addition, since there are many competitors, consumer have more choices to select a cheaper, but good quality car. Moreover, because of the global warming and other environmental effects, a lot of the manufacturers make their cars unique in order to protect the environment. Based on a variety of the lifestyles, people choose to purchase a car in a different w ...
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