Analyzing Medco Health Solutions

Medco Health Solution stands out as the nation's largest mail order pharmacy, in the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) industry, which is a third party administrator of prescription drug programs. Medco Health Solution being the largest of the Big 3 independent pharmacy benefit managers, Express Scripts, and CVS/Caremark being the other two. Through advanced pharmacy, Medco has improved the healthcare industry by improving the quality of care by lowering the total cost of care and providing affordable and high-quality prescription to private and public employers, health plans, and labor unions of all sizes. Accredo Health Group, Inc. is Medco’s Specialty Pharmacy, located in Memphis, TN. They represent Medco’s innovative models for the care of patients with conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, hemophilia, pulmonary arterial hypertension and those that have autoimmune disorders.
Medco's core competencies are Clinical and Pharmacy Management, Specialty Pharmacy, and Internet-Based Services. In order to have knowledge about its member's clinical condition, clinical management gives them a real advantage as they know more about their patients, and its ability to drive that information to them when they need it most. Another area of Medco’s core competencies is pharmacy management, mail order is how Medco uses its pharmacy management best then its competitors, they reduces costs for their clients by high levels of automation and efficiency. It is very powerful tool as it integrates all of that data and gives the pharmacists a better way to counsel their patients. Accredo Health Group handles the specialty pharmacy side of Medco, they provide patients with access to nurses and pharmacists around the clock to assist patients who are in critical aspects of care. The last co ...
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